Our expertise for your Cyber Security – At anytime, All over Europe, 100% . Find out about the possibilities how Cyber attacks can be repulsed as well as be recognized and how to react adequately.

Cyber-Security - your topic?

Do you know the weak spots of your infrastructure?
We provide rapid detection of anomalies and suspicious

  • Consulting
  • Security Check
  • Cyber Awareness-Workshops

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Are your industrial plants sufficiently protected ?

From prevention via early detection to analysis and
reaction - this is how to protect your industrial
infrastructure against expensive cyber attacks.

  • ICS Risk Analysis
  • ICS Firewall (Stormshield)
  • ICS Maturity Check

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How effective are your Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a top priority issue for each business.
We show you how to extend the security strategy of your
IT Systems.

  • SOC-Services
  • Monitoring
  • Incident Response

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Do you have increasing exchange of
sensitive Data?

Linked IT networks with different security needs and data
transmission require special preventive measures.

  • Bidirectional and modular solution
  • BSI-Admission to confidential classification
  • Hardware independent solution

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