Keelback NET is a solution (sold in service mode) for detection and advanced investigation of sophisticated attacks. It combines a network sensor (Keelback sensor, deployed within customer network environment) and a dedicated analytics platform (Keelback Analytics).



Keelback NET is deployed at the egress of a customer’s network and linked to an analytics platform securely hosted within Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity's Cyber Defence Centre. The sensor combines an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) engine with a metadata analysis via Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), hence providing refined detection and less false-positives.

Keelback NET constantly monitors data traffic and raises an alarm in case of intrusion’s detection. This alarm is immediately taken on by CyberSecurity experts and further qualified using our own tools and threat intelligence database, in order to provide the customer with a contextual, enriched analysis.



Keelback NET also has  unique features such as its backtracking capability, enabling extensive and more accurate forensic activities in case of an intrusion.

Customer benefits

Main customer benefits are:

- Quick detection of stealthy attacks

- Refined analysis to provide the context elements needed to take the most appropriate operational decisions

- Can be deployed for monitoring purposes or in crisis environment

- On-demand scalable service (Managed Security Service)

- No direct investments in hardware, licenses or maintenance


Latest news

Airbus DS CyberSecurity to provide cyber security services for TV5MONDE

After suffering a terrible attack in April, our priority was to open up internet services once again under tried-and-tested security conditions as rapidly as possible and for all our activities. To this end, Airbus Defence and Space set up as early as June 2015 and completed in record time the whole security package of our network.
Yves Bigot, CEO von TV5MONDE


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