The CyberSecurity Training Centre offers a wide range of training courses, for all levels either at our premises or on site.


 Short and practical training modules from 1 to 3 days, easily combinable to create the best training paths and covering the following areas:

- Cyber Awareness: trainings adapted to various profiles (from the Top executive to IT teams through all employees), with the most relevant training technics, in order to assess customer employees’ cyber maturity (cyber quest, phishing campaign, etc.) and/or to provide them the keys to understand the latest cyber security challenges;

- Cyber Portfolio: range of training courses to support the deployment of our cyber solutions (e.g. SOC) and security products ;

- Specific trainings: Red team / Blue team offering a high customer added-value through several possible scenarios (e.g. ICS/SCADA, crisis management, etc.), CIO/CISO coaching, on-demand customized trainings to support customer’s projects.

Trainees participate in both theoretical and "hands-on" practical exercises, while benefiting from high quality training rooms, virtualization platforms for defence and attack scenarios or cyber challenges.


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Customer benefits

Main customer benefits are:

- Field experience: Operational experience and expertise of trainers, guaranteeing an up-to-date training

- Flexibility: Offering tailored to your specific needs

- Complementarity: combination of theoretical exercises and practical tests in “live” conditions.


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