This technology ranges from rack-mountable solutions for businesses to small-form factor devices for deployment operations and remote access sites.

Ectocryp® enables secure connectivity up to ‘UK Top Secret' level without the need for costly private infrastructure and equipment. It allows organisations to make significant cost savings.

Ectocryp has a simple, easy to use interface. Its remote management allows administrators to configure upgrades and conduct maintenance at a distance, avoiding disruption to business activities.


Ectocryp Blue

Ectocryp Blue – the core product in the Ectocryp family - is Europe’s only HAIPE-certified (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor) remotely operated cryptographic device. Not only does it meet the highest standards of international certification, its impressive 1 GB/s secure data encryption rate means Blue is also the fastest high grade encryption device available on the UK Market. Blue offers government and defence customers a secure communications solution, capable of protecting data up to TOP SECRET (including National Caveats such as UK Eyes Only) – without the need for air-gapping or costly private infrastructure.


Ectocryp Yellow

Ectocryp Yellow is the next stage in sovereign UK cryptographic development. Portable and low-cost, this small form factor desktop variant represents flexible and affordable protection against the threat of cyber criminals. Utilising CESG’s preferred solution for network layer cryptography, PRIME Suite A, for the protection of data up to TOP SECRET and fully certified by the UK National Authority under CAPS1 (CESG Assisted Products Service), Ectocryp Yellow has been designed to deliver the very highest levels of security for government and defence customers.


Ectocryp Black

Ectocryp Black is a high capacity, secure voice encryption device that can protect sensitive conversations up to and including TOP SECRET, without sacrificing the flexibility that end users crave. Certified to TOP SECRET level by CESG (the UK’s national technical authority for information assurance) and the first UK-designed crypto device to ever achieve US Type 1 certification, Ectocryp Black meets even the most rigorous security specifications. National Security Agency approved and listed on The Defense Information Systems Agency’s Approved Products list, Ectocryp Black is already in use and available to US government customers.


For further enquiries on the Ectocryp Family, please email or call our UK Headquarters on 01633 713000



Customer benefits

Main customer benefits are:

- Trusted infrastructure that delivers up to ‘UK Top Secret’ level of secure connectivity.

- Simple and easy to use interface, enabling Ectocryp to be managed onsite or remotely by administrators for upgrades and maintenance, minimising disruption to business activities.


Latest news



Ectocryp Blue now available with PRIME Suite A

This version is fully interoperable with Ectocryp Yellow and other PRIME networks and has been developed for the highest levels of security for Government and Defence customers.

To learn more don't hesitate to donwload the Ectocryp Blue brochure.


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